The Aftermath of a Backwards Learning Curve

by The Overture

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Late 2010, Christchurch Hardcore outfit The Overture released online their debue EP 'The Aftermath of a Backwards Learning Curve'. Here available for free download once again is that EP.


released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


The Overture Christchurch, New Zealand

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Track Name: Mother Teresa in: DEATHPROOF
Is this an ending? Is this a placement?
Is this a world war? Is this salvation?

Take back what you've placed on me,
I'll take back what I placed on you.

Oh, I've already taken it back.

A father's heart with a reckoning so great
This is for the love of a diminished fate.

We spoke this to the sick.
We spoke this to the dead and dying.
But what we spoke, concerned the plague
And the blood it shed in a figure eight
Became so overwhelming.

Now courtesies have never been so far from the truth
Cos the guilty beg for a doctor and they're begging still.
Let peace breed peace, Let war breed war.
Let the dead bury their own dead
Let the Martyr's laugh just a little louder.

For the days of the out-pour are here.
So praise the coming of the Lion and the Lamb.
Let the damned be damned and the blessed be blessed.
Track Name: 'Captain, just who the Hell are we fighting anyway?'
Code red! We've got a spiritual emergency.

This has been our first murder,
So please step away!
You've been stabbing truth in the face (with your subtle knives)

Are the signals coming in clearly?
Can you hear me?
Are the signals coming in clearly?
Can you hear this?

Turmoil, butchery and turmoil!
For all you who built atop the corpse of God.
They thought that he was dead...

But no!
He has risen!
(But no!)
(But no!)
This is our last broadcast
(But no!)
It shall be known as...
(But no!)
The outrage...
(But no!)
Of the Lamb.
Track Name: The Entire Time She was Counting my Faults
Blame yourself! (Blame yourself!)
Cover us with vines.
O' when the dawn comes,
We will be the ones choking on boiled wine.

The wolves are howling to the dark,
And the dark cries back an even greater misery.

Can we take back all we said? All that we have done.
Can we take back all we destroyed? All we swore we'd overcome.

Your face is an image of a fake of a man
With Diamonds and Emeralds about your hands.
The entire she was counting my faults
The entire time you were in my pockets.

Can we take back all we said? All that we have done.
Can we take back all we destroyed? All we swore we'd overcome.

It's these discords that lead us here,
But it's this dagger I fear, that will end us all tonight.
Track Name: Madam Scorpion
Wait! I know you as the Alchemist who tried to steal my Gold.
Liar! Deceiver! Condescender!
You tried to steal my Gold!

When we first met, I thought you were the Gold
But as times went by I discovered that you were just the Copper.

By the time you had me, my throat had been slit
From side to side.

Yes, many have found you
And many have tried to shed
The Angel from their lives
To trade the Devil instead.

I want the fire. It's a confounding mess.

O' I curse you most famous fig tree
Your roots will rot, your fruit will crumble.
The towers you built oh so tall will topple.

I curse you Alchemist, I lift up the Jeweler.
I call forth the great revival of the earth.
Shaping and polishing these Diamonds
That we were entrusted with...
Thief, I know your name
It is, you are a liar.
Track Name: Birth of the Zombie Brides
One question! (One question)
Nine answers.
Oh, it was a baited and glorious hook
And we all fell for it. Yeah, we all fell for it!

The fashion of the times
The opening of your minds
The closing of our blinds
Oh, these inglorious rhymes.

You took a perfectly good house and burnt the walls down.
When the winter comes, we will freeze.
But I guess you call that 'free'.

And when the architect comes home
All our ships will be gone.

I hope you're not at peace.
I hope you're not dead.
I hope you're not lost all up in your head.

Hurry! Be raised by the Ghost.
Send word! Send word!
Get out of your head!
Track Name: Dynamite Junkie
Oh, seventy times seven and twenty four!
Many men live in fear timing their clockworks to death.

So I love.