Wait! I know you as the Alchemist who tried to steal my Gold.
Liar! Deceiver! Condescender!
You tried to steal my Gold!

When we first met, I thought you were the Gold
But as times went by I discovered that you were just the Copper.

By the time you had me, my throat had been slit
From side to side.

Yes, many have found you
And many have tried to shed
The Angel from their lives
To trade the Devil instead.

I want the fire. It's a confounding mess.

O' I curse you most famous fig tree
Your roots will rot, your fruit will crumble.
The towers you built oh so tall will topple.

I curse you Alchemist, I lift up the Jeweler.
I call forth the great revival of the earth.
Shaping and polishing these Diamonds
That we were entrusted with...
Thief, I know your name
It is, you are a liar.


from The Aftermath of a Backwards Learning Curve, released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


The Overture Christchurch, New Zealand

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